Tips for hiring an interior designer

Interior home decor

Working on the interior of your home is a project that you need to plan well. The home is one’s sanctuary, it is the place where one goes to relax, unwind after a busy day of work. It is essential for the home to have the ambiance and coziness to allow them to have the feel they are looking for. This is by having the decor that will personalize their space and give it the touch they want. How does one achieve this, a sure way of getting the best from your space is getting the best to do the job. If you hire an interior designer, you will be able to get the best. For anyone planning to do some home interior decor, this will be a great move to take as it will save you on money and time that you would use if you decide to do it yourself. Below are tips to help when hiring an interior designer.

What is your need

We all have our own style, preference and taste. One needs to determine the style they want in their home. What is itdecor that you like? One you know work on bringing your vision to life. Do you want a cozy feel with rustic natural wooden surfaces? Are you looking for a modern, contemporary feel with an urban style and glass surfaces, different shapes? Or are you looking for a vibrant, cheerful feel that has a casual style and cherry colors?

One can work on an idea board or folder. Here one will place the items, design and look they want in their space. Place the colors, fabric, furniture, fixtures, appliances what you need. One can get ideas of what to do by researching on different interior websites.


The next step is to search for interior designers. One way is by talking to people who have done an interior job. It could be family, friends or neighbors whose interior decor you admire and like. Find out whom they hired to do the job. Secondly, a search online and on local directories will give one a list of designers whom they can look into as considerations.


Looking at the credentials of the interior designer is essential. Do they have a license to operate, are they trained and qualified. One important aspect that a person needs to ask and look at is the portfolio of the interior designer. What work have they do, ask for a sample of before and after photos? Finally, what is their reputation? Were past clients satisfied with the work they received?


costFinally, consider your budget. What are you planning to spend on the home decor improvement? Get to know the cost of the materials, according to the design you are planning to do, the labor costs and leave a contingency of any additional costs that may arise. Be clear with the interior designer on their terms and conditions of payment. Some may charge an hourly fee, other a project fee while others a percentage of the project cost.…