How to care for indoor plants


Getting home plants is like getting home lives. You will have to nurture the plants with love and care. It is therefore important that you see and understand the environment and setup of your home space before you can bring a plant home. It is vital to ensure the environment at home, office or any space matches the needs of the plant. All plants require sunlight, water and for survival. Different plants, however, require different amounts of these.

Ways of taking care of your indoor plants


This is the next most important need for a plant. Some plants need proper sunlight while others might live with dim light or without natural light. A lucky bamboo plant, for example, can live with moderate levels of indirect sunlight. Bonsai, on the other hand, requires three to four hours of sunlight every day. You have to understand the light requirement of your indoor plant and find the most suitable place for it in the home or office.sunlightasgdhfjg


You should water the plants according to their needs. Plants need water but not in excess. Most plants need their roots to be moist consistently but not wet. You should provide the plant with water consistently. Most of these plants have coco peat as their base. The best way of checking if you should water the plant is by checking this part to see its level of dryness then water accordingly. If the coco peat is brown, then you need to water the plant but avoid clogging water at the bottom of the plant. You can use your finger on the coco peat to check if it is dry or moist.

Preventing pest

When dirt clogs the pores of your indoor plant, it becomes difficult for it to respire. You have to wash the leaves of the plant severally each month. The easiest way of doing this is by using a water spray. Time and again you should supply spray water on the leaves of the plant.

Pruning yellow leaves

pruningfasdghThe leaves of the plant can turn yellow when the plant is dry or if it is affected by some disease or if there is a fungal activity. You have to understand the reason behind the yellowing of the leaves then deal with the cause. Ensure also that you prune the yellow leaves to prevent them from affecting the other parts of the plant. You can easily prune these leaves by using pruning shears.

These are the basic things that you need to do help keep your indoor plants in good condition. You can also give your plant the NPK food once in six months.